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In an effort to help in your personal study of God’s word, we’ve put together articles and resources that can help you develop a deeper understanding of the Bible. In addition to articles, take advantage of our interactive Bible study coursedaily Bible reading schedule/calendar, or elect to set-up a personal, face-to-face Bible study with some of our members.

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Date Title Author Topic
03/22/10 Covenant Obligations Tom Hamilton Gender Roles covenant-obligations.doc
03/22/10 Creation Principles Tom Hamilton Gender Roles creation-principles.doc
03/22/10 Lesson 1: Should We Obey The Bible? 58th Street Interactive Study Course lesson1.pdf
03/22/10 Lesson 2: How Do We Apply The Bible? 58th Street Interactive Study Course lesson2.pdf
03/22/10 Lesson 3: Why Did Jesus Christ Die For Us? 58th Street Interactive Study Course lesson3.pdf
03/22/10 Lesson 4: What Must I Do To Be Saved? 58th Street Interactive Study Course lesson4.pdf
03/21/10 Equality of Men and Women Tom Hamilton Gender Roles the-equality-of-men-and-women.doc